"I met Julie about 5 years ago when I took one of her classes and she immediately became one my inspirations for pursuing yoga teacher training. She is a kind, compassionate, strong, and wise soul (this list truly goes on 💜 ). Since that first class, I have studied from her, alongside her, and taught with her. She always does her best to help you feel safe and cared for. I highly recommend Julie!!!" = V.S.

"Dear Julie, thank you so much for guiding me through yoga nidra and so generously giving me the code to download the beautiful CD - it has been - and continues to be - a great comfort.  Thank you again!" - M.P.

Feedback from an anonymous student survey:

Julie is amazing; the musical sound bowls & chimes, her touch, and guidance are top notch!

I love Julie's approachable demeanor.  She is very open and makes you feel good about yourself.  I also love her playing the bowls during practice and her mini back massages!

I appreciate Julie's calm and gentle manner.   It is especially helpful in the Restorative class.  She guides smoothly and chooses poses easy for me to hold when I have back and hip issues.  The music is wonderful.

Julie is kind, very knowledgeable, and extremely competent.  She goes above what I would expect from a one hour class which makes it a very special experience for me. Love, love, love that she plays the crystal bowls and Koshi chimes at the end of restorative yoga!

Julie's gifts shine during the Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing workshops.  Thank you very much!

Thank you Julie!  Your classes have helped me through some tough times recently.

Julie is a fabulous yoga instructor - love her presence, energy/vibration, and sweet way of connecting with everyone - I always feel uplifted in her presence.

Julie, you are a warm, caring person and thank you for always making me feel welcome, even when I haven't been to class in a while.  You are a wonderful part of this community!

"Today I was taken back to some normalcy when I listened to your voice guide me through flow yoga. I had listened to your meditation & decided I will use that on a regular basis to help me through these uncertain times.  I was able to put my yoga mat on floor in front of computer & easily follow your voice. Even though I have a yoga routine every day, this was perfect to follow your voice. A side benefit was to see what needed to be organized & dusted in my office while doing my down dogs!!" = M.B.

"I had wanted to try yoga for many years, but my anxiety disorder always kept me from doing it. My workplace started offering classes by Julie and I thought I would finally try it since the class sizes would be smaller than typical. Julie has such a peaceful, non-judgmental energy amount her that just makes you feel safe. She does not call people out for doing things wrong, but will offer gentle suggestions to the group to help identify if they need to make adjustments on their own or not. She is very considerate of all of the experience levels in the class, providing options to make positions easier or harder. She also does the class alongside you, so you can see how to do the positions she is naming (so helpful for beginners!). I always left class feeling like I just had a good workout, but also as if I had just had the best massage. All the tension in my muscles from sitting at a desk all day and stress was gone; my posture was noticeably better and I just felt lighter. To this day, I still use an essential oil she would use in class to bring back that peaceful feeling I only got in her classes! Julie is a beautiful, kind soul and I would recommend taking any class she offers if you are nearby." - V.B.