Please enjoy this recording of an Amrit Method Yoga Nidra experience with Julie that took place during a workshop in 2017.  Step One is to lie down and get comfortable, and Step Two is to listen.  There is nothing more that you need to do.  

You may enjoy some added bliss by incorporating calming essential oils, cozy pillows and blankets, or any other creature comforts that help you find a deeper sense of relaxation and stillness.  

Yoga Nidra can be used to help fall asleep at night, or at any other time that you are needing to tame the active mind and deeply regenerate the body.  Soften your experience with life and tap into the profound stillness that is always within.

"Let this quiet be your food." - Elena Brower

Yoga Nidra is a graceful sleep-based meditation.  It is a practice of allowing instead of trying, of being instead of doing.  The only thing necessary for you to do, is to find a quiet space where you can sit or lie down comfortably.  Everything else naturally unfolds.

The word Yoga means 'to yoke', or 'union'.  The word Nidra means 'sleep'.  When we practice Yoga Nidra, we are using the biological process of sleep to create union and harmony in the body and mind.  It is an effortless practice with ancient roots and modern applications. 

‚ÄčLife doesn't always work out the way that we want it to.  Yet even though the circumstances around us may be beyond our control, our response to those circumstances is always within our grasp.  Meditation is a way to help us slow down in body and mind in order to have a clearer, more grounded view of the world around us. 

Through the practice of Yoga Nidra, we are able to distance ourselves from the often chaotic world that surrounds us.  We are able to retreat into that place within that remains unchanged despite all the happenings in our outer world.  We are able to hear the silence behind the sound.  We come out of a Yoga Nidra meditation more grounded, clear, and better able to manage our lives.  It is peaceful, it is powerful, and it is effortless.